Reverse Engineering of Infrastructure and Networks

Our infrastructure and network repair service is defined by a reverse engineering process that allows us to improve and optimise any type of installation and equipment that our clients require.

The main goal of ANOVO‘s I&N (Infrastructure & Network) Division is to recover components of high technological value and high complexity associated with networks and infrastructures.

We highly capable of carrying out repair processes in the telecommunications, industrial electronics, and defence electronics technology areas. For this purpose, we have a highly qualified team of engineers with experience in carrying out reverse engineering processes.

We have all the necessary equipment and test benches to guarantee reliable and efficient results: state-of-the-art soldering equipment for BGA (>>500 balls) and Bonding soldering, as well as test mock-ups for all types of repairs.

Organisation of the Operations Centre

In order to offer agile and efficient solutions to our customers, our specialised technical staff within ANOVO’s I&N Division’s engineering team has created an organisation based on the following technical areas:


Control, Power, Converters, Rectifiers, Inverters, UPS


Analogue, Digital, Satellite, Broadcast


(Access / Transport): Multiservice, DSLAM, PDH, SDH, WDM, Switching, HFC

Routing (IP Transmission)

Routing, Ethernet, FTTH

Reverse engineering for infrastructure and network repair

At ANOVO we apply reverse engineering as a process to deduce, starting from a product, an infrastructure, a piece of equipment, or an already implemented installation, how it has been designed and what needs it should cover, understanding the function that each element fulfils in order to guarantee its correct operation.

This process, documented in reports by our engineering team, allows us to optimise the information obtained by constantly expanding the experience and knowledge of our technicians in order to streamline the repair process.

Where can we apply reverse engineer?

Reverse engineering processes can be applied to technological products, electronic components, software, telecommunications and network infrastructures, and so on.

Other services

In addition to repairing equipment, infrastructure and networks, our operations centre also offers services for upgrading processed elements.

Among these complementary technical services, we can highlight:

Engineering Services

Design, solution implementation, and research for our customers regarding:

  • Software
  • Upgrades
  • Updates
  • Revisions
  • Memory Recording (FW)
  • Pre-screening
  • Post-Screening
  • Refurbishment
  • Preparation of detailed technical reports
  • Hardware
  • Retrofit
  • Technological Improvements

Logistics service

  • Comprehensive management of the reparation process
  • RMA Management
  • I/O documentation
  • Dedicated transport
  • Scrap units
  • Spare parts stock management
  • SWAP (substitution with Customer Stock units)
  • Specific documentation, labelling, and packaging

Complementary services

Adapted to each customer’s needs with total transparency, reliability, and professionalism:

  • Buying and selling equipment on the second-hand market
  • On-site equipment dismantling
  • Recycling and destruction of materials
  • Instrumentation repair

In order to guarantee quality reverse engineering implementation as well as infrastructure and network repair services, our technical team is equipped with the necessary facilities, equipment, and technical capacity to meet the needs of our customers swiftly and efficiently.

In order to achieve this, we offer the following capacities according to each area:

Technical capacity


Control, Power, Converters, Rectifiers, UPS, AC UPS: 100 KVA DC: 400 A



Analogue, Digital, Satellite

  • ALU: MPR, MPT, 9600LH, 9600USY, 960LSY, 9600AWI, 9400Melodi
  • Ericsson: MLE, Traffic Node
  • Satelital: CISCO (Scientific Atlanta)
  • BROADCAST: Scientific Atlanta, Ericsson, Audemat, Harmonic


(Access / Transport): Multiservice, DSLAM, PDH, SDH, DWDM, Routing, Ethernet

  • ALU Access: Litespan (ATLC, SYNTH, NEHC)

Ericsson: Diamux

  • Transport

ALU: ADM/OMSN: 1660, 1631 FOX, 1650SM, 1651, 1670, 1678, 1662, 1664

WDM: 1830PSS, 1950PSS, 1626DWDM, 1686DWDM


Ericsson: AXD10G, AXD155, AXD620, AXD2500, MSH2K, SMA1,SMA16, OMS1664

IP Routing

  • CISCO: 800, 900, 1600, 1700, 1800, 1900, 2500, 2600, 2800, 2900, 3600, 3700, 3800, 3900, 12000, BPX 8600, MGX 8800, Catalyst, ASR, ISR, CGR, NCS, Nexus, ASA, Aironet
  • JUNIPER: Series M, MX
  • ALCATEL: OmniSwitch, 7450 ESS-7, 7470MSP, OXO, OXE
  • ENTERASYS: Matrix, Xpedition
  • NORTEL: Passport 15000
  • Routers y switches industriales: Cisco Catalyst Rugged, Microsens, Westermo, WoMaster, Ziv, Wiwav.


  • ALU: S1240

Defence electronics

  • Military communication networks maintenance
  • On-board electronics
  • Combat Electronics


  • Research
  • Solution design
  • Technological improvement


(ANOVO can replace all types of components)

  • BGA Repair
  • Selective soldering
  • Hyperbaric Chamber Reballing
  • Bonding

Test benches

(Functional Test)

  • SDH, PDH, ADSL, IP Traffic Analysers
  • Optical Spectrum Analysers
  • Laser Source
  • Optical Power Meter
  • Optical Attenuators
  • Huntron (Basic Parameter Analyser)
  • Digital Oscilloscopes
  • Electronic Charges
  • Radio Frequency Spectrum Analysers
  • Microwave Generators
  • RF Power Meters
  • Call Generators

Test mock-ups

(System Integration Test)

  • Telephone Access
  • Optics
  • Transport/IP Routing
  • Switching
  • Radio frequency
  • Energy

Logistic capacity

  • Comprehensive management of the reparation process
  • RMA Management
  • I/O documentation
  • Dedicated transport
  • Scrap unit management