ANOVO, after-sales service in technology

We are the market-leading provider of after-sales services and supply chain management in the technology sector, and we develop technology solutions that deliver innovation, value, and sustainability to our customers.

Your technological ally in after-sales services

With a track record of over 20 years of experience, ANOVO is the market leader in after-sales services and supply chain management in the technology sector in Spain. Our company specialises in the repair and overhaul of mobile terminals, digital multi-technology, computers, infrastructure equipment, regeneration, and management of logistics HUBS.

ANOVO offers efficient solutions in the main areas of smart logistics, repair, regeneration and infrastructure and networks. Being able to embrace recycling and reuse of products as a strategic option for our customers makes us a valuable partner in the technology sector. In addition, it also provides social value in terms of the environment.

Our vision is to be the leader in Spain in offering solutions, information, and access to after-sales solutions for technological products, interacting with the customerfrom the moment a product is sold until it is recycled, being able to communicate and manage each milestone of the process, exceeding each customer’s expectations and offering an excellent service.

ANOVO, the best after-sales solutions

At ANOVO, we work every day to be the most effective solution for our customers. Therefore, we specialise in different business areas to achieve our goal, where we create efficient and flexible solutions tailored to our customers. Among these areas, we can highlight:

Total Service

Our Customer Management System 2.0 allows us to work with more than 3000 retailers and repair centres through our website. Here, our customers can:

  • Create their own repair orders.
  • Get an approximate quotation for their procedure.
  • Check the status of their repair.
  • Get status traceability of their repair orders.
  • The possibility to attach, consult, and download all the documentation relating to each of the created orders.
  • Contact our customer service team to resolve any possible queries.

Contact Center

As an after-sales service provider, we have a large technical support and customer service team that provides coverage to all our customers, as well as to our different business areas, adapting to each of them according to their service needs.

In addition, we offer technical support to our customers thanks to our specialised user-friendly telephone technical service team, which has all the remote management tools necessary for this type of procedure.

Smart Logistics -HUB-

Our smart logistics services add value along the entire supply chain, adapting flexibly to the needs of our customers while optimising logistics processes. The main advantages smart logistics offer are:

  • Optimised repair times.
  • Service tailored to each client.
  • Reduced costs, both in terms of processing and shipping.
  • Real-time status traceability for each customer’s order.


As a Certified Service Partner of the world’s leading technology manufacturers, we offer a professional repair service that enhances customers’ brand experience by adapting to their needs and providing added value to their product through a range of advantages:

  • Comprehensive repair service: collection-diagnosis-repair-delivery.
  • Optimised repair times.
  • Reconditioning and overhaul of devices.
  • Waste collection and disposal commitment according to WEEE standards.


Our regeneration area gives a second life to more than one million devices every year, which helps us with our commitment towards improving the environment, as well as reducing environmental impact of our activity.

In this line, we carry out a reverse logistics process to make the transfer of devices from the consumer to the manufacturer for repair easier. This allows us to provide a comprehensive after-sales service for technology products.


ANOVO is a reference in Spain for the after-sales maintenance of the large communication networks that the main operators have distributed throughout the country. We also act as a repair centre for communication operators and manufacturers in the industrial sector.

Advantages of ANOVO as an after-sales service

At ANOVO, we build long-term relationships with our clients, so that the services we offer them become competitive advantages for their product or service. We focus on being their ally in growing their business, becoming your strategic partner and providing added value to the service, to achieve the highest degree of commitment with our customers we abide by the following principles:

Know-How and flexibility: ANOVO’s know-how, coupled with its flexibility and ability to adapt to customer requirements, means that the main players in the sector rely on our company to manage their after-sales service.

Trust: We work as Official Technical Service for the market’s main technology manufacturers. Therefore, we always use original parts and faithfully follow each manufacturer’s repair guidelines. This means we can repair IW & OOW while maintaining the official devices’ official warranty.

Analysis: Our experience in the sector enables us to analyse our customers’ needs, also taking into account the market situation and its possible alterations, thus being able to offer them solutions adapted to their product or service.

Innovation – R&D: We incorporate the latest technologies in our equipment and facilities, and we continuously train our technical staff to be at the forefront in all technological and logistical processes, thus offering our customers the best after-sales advantages available on the market, turning this service into an added value for their product.

Transparency, honesty, and professionalism: In order for our clients to provide excellent service, we follow strict environmental and quality standards and act with integrity and sensitivity at all times.

Centres and Facilities

We have 3 operations centres in Spain, located in Madrid, Malaga, and the Canary Islands, offering 21,000 m2 of operational area. All our facilities are ISO9001: 2000 and 14001 certified and are fully WEEE compliant.

Figures of the 3 ANOVO centres in Spain.


ANOVO’s facilities in Madrid have a 24/7 operational capacity. It currently employs more than 500 people, offering logistics HUB services, regeneration, technology repairs and infrastructure, and networks.

The lab in Madrid has an operational capacity of up to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


ANOVO Malaga’s facilities have an operational capacity of up to 24 hours and up to 7 days a week. It currently employs more than 500 people, supporting more than 1 million units per year of repair and overhaul of mobile devices, game consoles, televisions, PC’s, and STBs, as well as the complete after-sales management of decoding equipment for the main operators nationwide.

Canary Islands

ANOVO Canary Island’s facilities have an operational capacity of up to 24 hours and up to 7 days a week. It currently employs more than 25 people, carrying out, on the one hand, logistics work with more than 100,000 logistical movements per year, as well as repairs, currently managing more than 50,000 repairs.
As a logistics HUB, it is of great value, especially when it comes to providing assistance when dealing with the mainland.