Circular economy consultancy

The circular economy consultancy service drives companies to transform towards sustainability. A consultancy that develops and integrates environmental strategies for the sustainable future of your company.

What is it about

We are currently witnessing growing awareness of environmental responsibility and sustainability in the business world. As a result, new economic models have emerged that propose to generate a positive impact on the environment.

At ANOVO we are committed to this goal. That is why we present practical and innovative solutions that allow companies from different sectors to commit to circular economic models.

Our mission is to help companies optimise their resources and operations and minimise their environmental impact. This will generate more economic value from them.

Collaboration and positive impact are the results of good work based on cooperation. It is possible to harness the potential of the circular economy to transform a company into a sustainability benchmark.


The Circular Economy Consultancy service is aimed at companies in various sectors that want to implement sustainable development. The approach is to offer personalised advice focused on strategy and implementation of sustainable practices, increasing efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

The methodology of the specialised sustainability consultancy for companies has different areas:

  • Assessment and diagnosis: we identify areas for improvement in terms of sustainability by analysing your company’s operations and processes. This solid foundation is achieved by assessing your natural resources and managing waste and environmental impacts.
  • Creation of strategies: once we have drawn the conclusions of the diagnosis of your company, we create strategies based on the circular economy in accordance with the commercial objectives and values of your company.

Implementation in the project: To ensure long-term sustainability in your company, different management systems will be applied, guiding your team towards more circular practices.

Sustainable goals to implement in your future

ANOVO is committed to advancing your company’s journey towards a circular and sustainable economy. Our goals include:

  • Carbon footprint reduction: efforts are needed to reduce the carbon footprint as much as possible to achieve carbon neutrality in operations.
  • Constant learning: persistent work and improvement ensure the best results in circular economy consultancy services. Therefore, numerous practices and circular measures are applied to give you the best and most effective solution.
  • Joint collaboration: the power of the partnership is key to achieving greater impact. ANOVO is therefore committed to establishing partnerships with other entities to share this vision of a more sustainable future.

Rigorous measurement: we continue to improve our metrics and reporting in the circular economy. This will make us more transparent in our progress.

This will make us more transparent in our progress.

Circular Economy Consultancy enables your company to achieve numerous benefits and embark on a journey towards environmental efficiency. The main advantages of implementing this consultancy include:

  • Innovate your company and differentiate yourself from the competition: by applying circular practices, your company will stand out in terms of environmental responsibility. This helps to attract niche markets and will open up new competitive opportunities, attracting customers who value sustainability. An example of this could be a hotel reducing water consumption and disposable packaging and attracting environmentally conscious travellers.
  • Improved efficiency: when circular economy consultancy is applied in a company, processes are optimised towards more sustainable and efficient ones. This will improve the quality of productivity and the use of resources to help your company grow. An example could be implementing management systems in logistics to reduce the consumption of your resources and streamline operations.
  • Compliance with environmental regulations: consultancy will help you avoid fines or any related sanctions, strengthen your image of environmental responsibility and ESG integration. An example of this could a manufacturing company that, following reports of greenhouse gas emissions, decides to reduce them and allocates those hazardous resources to specialised centres. This means the company not only avoids fines, but also gains the trust of its suppliers and customers who value its commitment and compliance with these regulations.
  • Strengthen your brand: it will allow your company to show its commitment and will enhance the trust and loyalty of your customers, while also attracting new ones. For example, if a fashion company adopts sustainable measures such as using recycled materials or promoting the use of second-hand garments, it will be a benchmark for sustainable fashion.
  • Reduce costs: the fact that fewer resources and less energy are used positively affects the profitability of the business. For example, if LED lighting or thermal insulation systems are applied in your company’s premises, long-term savings in energy consumption can be achieved.
  • Contribute to the environment: overall, it generates a positive impact and protects the common environment. For example, if recycling and reuse of materials is encouraged in a company, the costs associated with the disposal management of materials are reduced.

Open door to new markets: once your company is able to implement all these improvements, it will be ready to meet the new demands of more conscious consumers. For example, if a food company implements these more sustainable practices, such as reducing packaging or donating unsold food to charities, it will convey a more positive and sustainable image, attracting international buyers looking to partner with suppliers that engage in these responsible practices.

Total commitment to your project

In the Circular Economy Consultancy for companies you will have a team of trained experts with years of experience and committed to the collaborative and circular economy. They will help you achieve your business sustainability goals. ANOVO cooperates in a collaborative way, contributing its knowledge and experience related to sustainable solutions and sustainable measures.

We have a team trained in circular technology and in promoting the durability of processes. Each of them will offer your project effective solutions according to the challenges and concerns of your company.

At ANOVO we believe in work ethic and customer focus. We build strong, lasting relationships with our clients and you can count on our commitment and passion for making a positive impact in the world.