Reverse logistics

Reverse logistics of technological products refers to the transport of devices from the user or consumer to the manufacturer for repair, fitting or recycling, extending the product’s life cycle.

What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics refers to the reverse flow of the traditional process, which is one of the main axes of a company’s service and customer satisfaction.

This type of logistic services includes diverse operations such as surplus stock management, returning purchases to suppliers (Withdrawals or DOAs) or waste management.

There are several options to recover the economic value of end-of-life devices and giving them a new life cycle:


Restoring a damaged device to working order


Increasing the quality of a used product


Using components from discarded products to extend the life of other products

Of course, any of these options involves extending the life cycle of the devices, reducing their environmental impact.

At ANOVO, we offer a comprehensive after-sales service

ANOVO‘s reverse logistics features:

  • ANOVO offers its reverse logistics services to a wide range of customers in the technology sector: retailers, e-commerces, operators, and insurance companies.
  • Repairs, DOAS and withdrawals. Any form of after-sales service.
  • Centralised management of the after-sales service.
  • We provide companies that require so with a platform to process RMA’s online.
  • We have also designed several customised websites for RMA processing.
  • Additionally, we offer the possibility to integrate with the customer’s platform.
  • Logistical flexibility: Possibility of pick-up and delivery at the customer’s premises, at the customer’s home or at drop-off points.
  • Possibility of grouped or unitary collection.
  • Dedicated HUBS per customer.
  • Multi-product and multi-brand HUB.
  • Management with external SATs. Training, audits, assistance, KPI monitoring, etc.
  • Traceability and global process control for our customers.
  • Stock management.
  • After-sales services in 24h.
  • Advantages for our customers:
    • Overall process control. Traceability.
    • Procedural and unified service.
    • Elimination of manual tasks.
    • Reduction of administrative tasks.
    • Better service for your end customers.