Servicio Técnico Oficial Carrefour - anovo

Product buy-back model

Since 2014, ANOVO and Carrefour have launched several buy-back campaigns. These campaigns encourage the collection of used products by reducing the purchase price of new products (mobile phones, laptops or games consoles), generating an immediate impact on the circular economy through the following initiatives:

  • Collection of used products: Campaigns are aimed at products listed in a catalogue. In other words, if the campaign is for the sale of a particular games console, then it aims to collect previous models of the same technology. Products that are still functioning are most valued, but this initiative also encourages customers with non-functioning devices to hand them in for recycling. This way, products that were previously unlikely to be recycled will be processed in a more environmentally responsible way thanks to the campaign.
  • Performance screening and reconditioning: Once the product is received at our facilities, it is tested and classified by ANOVO. In the case of consoles, both remote controls and the games console are tested. If the equipment is faulty, it will be repaired wherever technically possible. If this is not possible, parts and components will be re-used and the rest will be sent for correct recycling. This system guarantees maximum reuse of the product and its components.
  • Reintroduction of products to the market: Those items that successfully pass performance tests are re-sold, either through internal sales to employees, on marketplace platforms or to third parties, thereby giving them a second life.

This collaboration is a perfect example of how Carrefour and ANOVO are contributing to economic and social development, by reducing emissions and promoting new business models to build a sustainable economy. These initiatives have a positive impact by optimising the useful life of devices and, ultimately, reducing the technology sector’s environmental impact.